Registration for 2022-2023
The registration is opened from July 7, 2022 to August 2, 2022.


Returning students are students who attended a Unit #40 school in the 2021-2022 school year. You will complete registration in your Campus Parent Portal. Click here to access your Campus Parent Portal. Once in your portal, from the left index click "More" and then "Online Registration".  If you have a student who is new to the district, or was not enrolled at Unit #40 during the 2021-2022 school year, you will have the option of adding new students during this registration period. If you have returning students and do not have a Campus Parent Portal account, please contact [email protected] Do NOT use the new/transfer student link.

New/Transfer Students:

If you are a new or transfer student to the district or are a returning student who was not enrolled in the 2021-2022 school year, you will need to fill out the New Student Registration Form by clicking here.

Pre-Registered Students (such as Kindergarten):

The following information usually pertains to new preschool or kindergarten parents that attended preschool roundup or kindergarten preview. If you have already completed pre-registration you will receive an email to set up a Campus Parent Portal account and to complete registration when it opens July 7th.  Please note that if you already have an existing Campus Parent Portal account because you have other students in the district, you will not receive an email to set up an account- your preregistered student should appear in your existing portal.

Important Information:

Required Student Health Exams & Immunizations

Physical Exam Requirements:

: school physical exam, immunization record, lead screen

Kindergarten: school physical exam, immunization record, lead screen, eye exam (completed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist) and dental exam

2nd grade: dental exam

6th grade: school physical exam (sports physicals do NOT count), immunization record, dental exam

9th grade: school physical exam (sports physicals do NOT count), dental exam

12th grade: immunization record

: Immunizations must be up to date.

: Hep B, Hib, Pneumococcal, DTap, Polio, MMR, Varicella

Kindergarten: Hep B, DTap, Polio, MMR, Varicella

6th grade: Tdap and Meningococcal (1st dose)

12th grade: Meningococcal (2nd dose)

Any out-of-state students attending Illinois schools for the first time must have a physical examination and proof of up-to-date immunizations prior to enrolling. For more information, visit our Student Health Services page.

Forms and Documentation

Forms for the required student health exams and health action plans can be found on our  Student Health Services page. During online registration, please be prepared to upload any health documents or action plans you have. If you upload your document by taking a picture on your mobile device, please ensure that all information is legible and visible in the picture. If we receive incomplete/unreadable documentation, you will be asked to re-upload. 
Registration and Course Fees for all students grades K-12 will be available in the Parent Portal when registration begins. You will be able to pay for your registration fees in the Campus Parent Portal. If you would like to pay in person, please contact your building office after the school year begins. At EJHS and EHS, PE uniforms will be paid at the building level as directed by the PE department.
Schedules will be available in the Campus Parent Portal approximately 1 week before the first day of school. 
You will receive a letter from the transportation director with your busing information in August before school starts. Please register you child as soon as possible to prevent delays in receiving your bussing information.
Registration can be completed from any computer with access to the web, as well as any mobile device with a browser. If you do not have access to a device with internet access, there are computers available at the Effingham Public Library.

If you require assistance with registration, please contact the board office  (217) 540-1500, or the building secretary at EHS (217) 540-1100.