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About East Side Preschool

East Side Preschool is an early childhood initiative through Effingham Community Unit #40. Our mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate preschool experience for students residing within the district. We tailor instruction to meet the needs of all students, and our program is focused on a research based curriculum aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (IELDS). According to student need, we offer many interventions beyond the general education curriculum including special education, speech therapy, occupation therapy, physical therapy, vision, and hearing services.

Our preschool program is half day Monday – Friday and closely follows the Unit #40 calendar. Morning classes take place from 8:15-10:50 am, while afternoon classes are 12:10-2:50 pm. A daily snack is provided in each class, but breakfast and lunch are not served. In addition, transportation is available through the Unit #40 transportation system.

Our goal at East Side Preschool is to provide an incredible first school experience for each child to set them on a path of success for kindergarten and their education beyond.

In order to be considered for enrollment in the program, please call East Side Preschool at 217-540-1380.

Screening Information

preschool screening
East Side Preschool offers free developmental screenings to provide families information regarding their child’s development and to identify children in need of early education services. The screening process checks each child’s speech and language development, thinking and reasoning abilities, small and large muscle coordination, listening, vision and hearing skills, and other academic readiness skills.

To schedule a screening appointment for your child, please call East Side Preschool at 217-540-1380.

Enrollment Requirements

In order to enroll a child at East Side Preschool, parents should request a screening, complete the online registration requirements, and provide the necessary documentation required by the State of Illinois. The State of Illinois requires every child entering pre-school to meet the following requirements:
     • a physical exam
     • lead assessment by his/her doctor
     • up-to-date immunizations
     • a copy of the child’s birth certificate

Contact Us

East Side Preschool
Address: 215 N. 1st St., Effingham, IL 62401
Phone: 217.540.1380