Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year

Returning students from the 2018-2019 School Year:

Registration for the 2019-20 school year is now open. You will receive an email or letter with your child's unique snapcode. Emails were sent out on July 1st. Letters will be mailed by July 5th. Please contact the board office at (217) 540-1500 if you have not received an email or letter by July 19th.
This year we are pleased to be offering a version of the site in Spanish. To change the language, there is an option in the top right hand corner of the form.
Links to all necessary documentation can be found to right, as well as links to access the registration site. Please upload any documents you have through the registration site. You can take a picture of the document and upload it via the registration website. Please ensure that all information is legible and visible in the picture.
Registration fees for all students grades 1-12 are available in myschoolbucks now. Kindergarten students and students new to our district will have fees assigned by the end of July. Course fees will be available once schedules are officially confirmed just prior to the start of school.
Schedules will be available in the parent portal approximately 1 week before the first day of school. 

You will receive a letter from the transportation director with your busing information in the beginning of August.


Registration can be completed from any computer with access to the web, as well as any mobile device with a browser. If you do not have access to a device with internet access, there are computers available at the Effingham Public Library.
If you require assistance with registration, please contact the board office  (217) 540-1500, or the building secretary at EHS (217) 540-1100. 

New Students:

If you are new student to the district; or are returning, and have not been enrolled within the past year, please use the New student registration form under the links section to the right. Once you have completed the form, please contact your building office if you have not already done so for further instructions.

​School begins August 27, 2019. The first four school days will be early dismissal at 2:00 PM. 

We look forward to an exciting an productive 2019-2020 school year!!