Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Goals

·       Plan and centrally locate Pre-K through 5th grade facilities
·       Make all Pre-K through 12 facilities state of the art learning centers
·       Ensure adequate financial resources are in place to achieve the mission, vision and core values of the district
·       Allocate finances for competitive compensation to attract and retain quality administrators, teachers and staff
·       Ensure a safe and secure physical learning environment for all students and staff
·       Implement a process/system that provides social and emotional support available to both students and staff
·       Implement a Unit 40 strategic marketing plan which includes a cohesive rebrand and highlights self-promotion
·       Build a comprehensive and streamlined plan for internal and external communications
·       Provide exploration opportunities from start to finish that allows for student choice and control
·       Ensure challenging curriculum to open doors for all students
·       To continually integrate the most current technology in all aspects of learning while constantly evaluating         
         staffing needs
·       The opportunity to have hands-on specialized technology